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May 16, 2007


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Georgia Whitney

I do hope Dr. Angelou eliminates the "C" word from her vocabulary -- right now.

Yet another tidbit on the disability perspective from my quarter: yesterday my husband, my dear friend Ann and I attended a graduation at the University at Buffalo. Ann had a full hip replacement several years ago and while her hip is better her knees are in very bad shape and she really can't do stairs. There were about 12 folks total in our party and we all wanted to sit together, but the only place that could accommodate us was the balcony -- 15 steps up a steep spiral staircase -- and there was NO ELEVATOR. I was outraged, and had to be careful not to dump my anger on the usher, for it certainly wasn't her fault that accessibility is an issue at UB. Ann shrugged and said she wasn't surprised and was glad they at least had special seating for folks with physical challenges. I said I'd be posting on Steve's blog today...

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