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August 13, 2009


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Oh, I missed this before! Central Market shoppers are a particular brand of disablist--they crowd, shove, push, and intrude on one's personal space, even when there is infinite room and they could wait a second. During the week is easier, though then there's not help if you're by yourself. There must be something about the health consciousness that causes them not to see us as people. I use a scooter regularly. I recommend Sprouts if you have one in your area--wider aisles, smaller, and less climbing over one's body, though they don't have everything cool that CM does.

Hoping I can read your book soon! I am excited to see people writing poetry about disability (I previewed on Amazon after Stephen K's mention).


And the scooters at Sprouts are even better. Plus they're green.

Linda M. Steen

I am looking forward to finding and reading "Veil and Burn".

I do have MS and have noticed the visible factor when I wear a lower leg brace (sometimes I just don't wear it). I always use a cane away from home. Anyway, when the brace is on people are opening doors, or sometimes I hear comments (that must hurt). When it is just the cane, there is a 50-50 chance of people opening doors.

One thing I will do, is have a smile on my face. Off to hunt for your poetry. :)

Shirleen Maconi

Thanks for the very relating story, I myself have had MS for 20 years. Being a former model. I try to keep myself in style. I've had people pore coffee on my car, also quite often they yell you could at least limp. For some reason I felt better just knowing it happens to other people, and you sound very together in your handling of this very rude and uninformed people.I wish you well. With care Shirleen Maconi

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