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September 02, 2009


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Wow. No words but I see.


This is wonderful news and I am so happy for you! I certainly hope you are right that blindness will be conquerable in our lifetime. I am so thankful that you are experiencing the gift of sight to a greater degree than ever before!


I am happy for you! I wonder, however, in the land of hard-core disability politics, if your acquisition of sight would be viewed as a sort of "treason" to disability "culture" unfortunate "slip" into cure. It baffles me, this aspect of the community...maybe angers me more. I don't know what to make of it, but it feels wrong and I hold my daughter close to me in opposition to it.

Tracy Zollinger Turner

Hi great teacher. I am so happy to hear this. Wow. Wow again.

blue girl

I wish I could figure out a comment that would be the equivalent of me doing cartwheels for you! That's how happy your news made me. Just know how happy I am for you. Imagine cartwheels!

Janelle Dvorak

Absolutely wonderful.


incredible. i am so HAPPY for you - the small things that you see lead to such a larger vision, don't they?

as a disabled person, it drives me crazy when people talk about betraying the disability community, etc. life can be lived in so many different ways - why limit ANYONE?



Wow. Congratulations.

Georgia Whitney

Congratulations again and again. I'm crying tears of joy for you.

The only thing I regret is that I'm not there in person to share your joy. Imagine Tom and me giving you and Connie a big hug, and Ivy dancing around with Nira.


Fantastic news, Stephen. I'm looking forward to hearing about your new experiences!




What an incredible, wonderful, amazing thing, Stephen. I'm absolutely stunned -- and absolutely delighted for the joy you're feeling now. What a world, eh?

Vivien Fleming

Your joy must be almost indescribable Steve. I'm so pleased that you've obtained a degree of sight that you never dreamed possible.

I only finished reading "Planet of the Blind" yesterday. I was astounded to find your blog that same day and learn of your blessing. As a person with a mild neurobiological disability, your struggle with self-acceptance and self-loathing strongly resonated with me. Your spirited struggle for personal acceptance in such profoundly adverse circumstances offers me so much encouragement.

I look forward to following your future adventures.


andrea scarpino

Wow, fantastic, Steve! I can't wait to continue reading how you continue to process this!




This is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

Clare and Jeff Melick

Wow!! Fantastic! Congratulations!! We are so happy for you! How amazing is it for you to experience this after so long - to thrill at the sight of a far off steeple, and so much more! I imagine you feel exhausted just noticing the myriad of things formerly not seen. You may really connect with Mike May's account of regaining sight after 40 years in his book, "Crashing Through." Looking forward to hearing more of your reflections, and "Hooray" for the ophthalmology department at Iowa U!!


Beauty! In so many ways. I'm very happy for you.


So very happy for you!

Leslie B.

What type of lens was implanted in your eye? Was it an implantable telescope? If so, what power? Thanks.


Big news indeed! I'll share it with the book group that read both Planet of the Blind and Eavesdropping in the past year...


For someone who's never been in the boat you've been in, this news is almost unimaginable. Wonderful, but nearly incomprehensible.

When does glee come into view?

Brian Hupper

Congratulations! You must be waking up with grin on your face.


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Dan Leo

Hi, Steve -- I just belatedly got to this wonderful post, and I want to add my voice to the chorus of congratulations.

Live it up, brother!


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