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March 14, 2012


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Leslie B.

I suppose poets are as culturally diverse as the rest of us work-a-day schmucks, but I like to think that they're maybe a tad more sensitive. Did the poet notice your glares? Did he ask you about them afterwards?


I attended the same reading. And I was horrified by this poem. And by the audience's lack of awareness. When it began, I hoped that the poet would perhaps lift the level of his humour and play on the language of meter and disability. But no. It was just unbelievable. And it kept coming.

Perhaps, the poet thought that the unsubtlety of his poetry and the utter classlessness, ignorance and prejudice of his refrain brought to life the presence of a disabled body. But I found that it only revealed him to be as unsophisticated as his ditty.

The introducer hailed his collection as "a long time coming." Seriously not worth the wait.

John L Lathrop

I hoped that you had confronted the ignoramus by showing him the scars & explaining the pain involved so that he may have worked additional lines that dealt with that respect in future presentations of the piece. Then followed up with a kick in his posterior that exhibited your final point of view.

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